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      Peptide Therapy in Mequon, WI

      What Are Peptides?

      If you have been doing research into peptides for muscle building, skin care, weight loss, or to regain sexual function, you may be wondering what are peptides?  Peptides are found in nature.  They are small molecules made up of chains of amino acids. If a chain has less than 43 amino acids, we define it as a peptide.  Whereas a protein molecule is made up of up to 150 amino acids or more. These tiny fragments of proteins are linked together like chains and are formed when amino acids bond together.  Most peptides are comprised primarily of hydrogen, oxygen, carbon, and nitrogen, though some may contain other elements too.

      Even though they are small, peptides are too large to penetrate cells directly.  Instead, they bond to the exterior of an existing, larger structure and through the cell’s receptors.  They emit signals which give directions on what the cell should do; like produce more testosterone or collagen.

      Different peptides will give different directions to the cells in your body, which is what triggers the various results – such as firmer skin or enhance muscle tone.


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